[Cuis-dev] Discoverability of morphic

Philip Bernhart philip.bernhart at posteo.de
Sat Jul 20 23:28:56 PDT 2019


where should we put the information regarding of how to
get stuff done with morphic?

I think it should not take a couple of hours of digging
in the class hierarchy to find out
"why does my morph not receive keystroke events
when I already declared that it handlesKeyboard events?!"

was caused by:

1. The morph doesn't automatically get the keyboard focus,
   so you need to the active hand with #newKeyboardFocus: morph
   that it now is in focus.

2. For that you need to decide of how you give the morph the
   keyboard focus. Should it get it by clicking? Should it
   get it when the mouse hovered over it?

3. If you have decided over the events then implement the
   specific handlers. #handlesMouseOver: and #keyUp: in
   this case. They are differently named, is that a
   historical issue?


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