[Cuis-dev] Converting Tonel packages

Philip Bernhart philip.bernhart at posteo.de
Mon Jul 29 11:16:25 PDT 2019

Hi Juan,

Juan Vuletich <juan at jvuletich.org> writes:

> Aren't those also based on the old Smalltalk-80 chunk format, like .cs 
> files? Cuis already handles changeset files. So, it could be a matter of 
> writing a Smalltalk script to load them, right?

well as far as I can tell: no, they aren't.

1. Filetree splits up an export into package directories,
   then class directories, then subdirs of them with the instance
   and class sides and then creates for each method a .st file.

   Also it stores a bunch of properties for classes, packages, methods
   in STON (Smalltalk Object Notation) format.

2. Tonel is like filetree but less deeply nested. It stores classes
   per file. Each file in turn is not chunk based anymore, but has
   the tonel format. Which are methods serialized and have additionally
   a STON prefix infront of them.

For comparison:

1. https://github.com/pharo-vcs/test-project-source-properties-filetree
2. https://github.com/pharo-vcs/test-project-source-properties-tonel

So for reading them in, you would need to be able to parse them.

I don't see the improvement over good old chunk files.

Thanks for your time,

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