[Cuis-dev] Ctrl+backspace deletes forward instead of deleting previous word on Windows 10

Donald Johnson kandiyohi.snow at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 16:28:50 PDT 2019

Hey list,

So I recently got into Cuis, and I've noticed an oddity with the text
editor on Windows 10.  This doesn't happen on Linux.  When I use
ctrl+backspace, it triggers a keypress like I pressed ctrl+delete.

I worked around the problem.  Attached is the code I used to work
around it, but it does also work on ctrl+delete that way (not an issue
for me, but might be for someone else if used as a fix).

I was wondering if this was a known issue, or maybe it's an issue with
the Squeak VM?  Looking for any insight since I'd like to chase it

~Donald Johnson
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