[Cuis-dev] DirectoryEntry and looping symlinks

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Just realized that I missed your questions here...

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> Yikes! I don’t know if we can detect simlinks either, and I worry it might
> vary based on the OS. A max depth check could maybe work... do you suggest
> a global max depth for this purpose, and what do you think it should be if
> so? Seems a need for something sufficiently large as to not break people’s
> programs, and small enough not to bring down the balloon, so to speak.

Yep, symlinks would probably be complicated esp with cross platform issues
(Windows does things differently and OS X has directory hard links to
contend with as well)  So if we go with a depth check: 640k should be
enough for anyone, right?  Just kidding.  I dunno... probably something in
the range of 20<X<50 (path components, not characters) would do the trick.
And if we gave a meaningful error message, people could find the limit and
up it if they needed to.

> Out of curiosity, while this is occurring, can you do CMD-period* to stop
> the disaster as it happens? If the VM locks up hard, that seems pretty
> ouchy.

I can break into it so it's not an immediately fatal error but it does
freeze the UI and chew up the memory pretty fast until you do, so you don't
have long until the system runs out of RAM.  (it chews up >12GB in under a
minute on my system... what I had free at the time this happened)

> * (or whatever it is on Windows)
> —Casey
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