[Cuis-dev] Support for TrueType fonts in Cuis

Thierry Goubier thierry.goubier at gmail.com
Fri May 10 10:46:35 PDT 2019

Excellent. Highly significant! Will enjoy it :) Really looking forward 
that Morphic 3 engine.


Le 10/05/2019 à 16:50, Juan Vuletich via Cuis-dev a écrit :
> Hi Folks,
> Yes, this is the big surprise I promised yesterday!
> Now the VectorGraphics engine can rasterize TrueType glyphs. As you 
> might now, the VectorGraphics (a.k.a. Morphic 3) engine is still in 
> unoptimized Smalltalk, and too slow to draw the Morphic world in real 
> time. But it can be used to rasterize TrueType glyphs that can be cached 
> as Forms.
> Just pullAllRepos.sh (pulling just Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev is not enough). 
> Then start Cuis and install updates. Do World / Preferences / Load extra 
> fonts. Then World / Preferences / Set font..., or play with World / 
> Open... / Text Editor.
> I'm pretty sure that Cuis is now the only dev environment with high 
> quality TrueType fonts without needing any support from the host 
> platform. Yep, we are not calling FreeTypo or any other library. All the 
> code is there for us to learn, play and experiment!
> Enjoy!
> Cheers,

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