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> One thought is to have a "package namespace variable" which can be set in
> the code browser.
> The default would be #Smalltalk (and associated intern dictionary), but
> setting a package namespace could cause all code to be recompiled to use
> the package's internal intern dictionary.  The code browser would make new
> method names be interned in the current package namespace (-> use package
> intern dictionary).
The idea seems very powerful and it is tempting to take it all the way and
use it for for method selectors too. But it seems to me it could get very
complex. In a first try I would use it only for class names, to isolate
classes defined within a package. just to solve the problem of having 2
packages defining classes with the same name, or a package that defines a
class with a name that already exists in the base image. For example,
changing the method
to automatically deduce the package where the class name should be
internalized from the category name, or perhaps extend the keyword to
include a namespace: after category:. But this already gets a little
complicated, you have to consider what happens when you move a class to
another category...
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