[Cuis-dev] Indent/Outdent Conflicts

Dan Norton dnorton at mindspring.com
Sun May 19 10:56:15 PDT 2019

Hi Juan,

Saw your post in the archives but did not get a copy. You wrote:

I use Debian with Xfce. alt-tab and alt-shift-tab seem to work as
usual, cycling Linux apps.

Can you describe in more detail the behavior you experience?

I use Debian with Xfce also. But "...as usual, cycling Linux apps." is
the problem. Recent changes to the shortcut keys in the Cuis editors
have defined these as follows:

alt-tab -> indent marked lines
alt-shift-tab -> outdent marked lines

But Cuis never sees these because they're intercepted by Xfce. IIRC the
editors formerly had the following shortcuts:

Cmd-R -> indent marked lines
Cmd-L -> outdent marked lines

I don't use the Xfce behavior (wasn't aware of it) so I'm trying to
find the various places in Linux/Xfce where it's configured so I can
change it and use the shortcuts in Cuis.

 - Dan

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