[Cuis-dev] Minor mailing list issues

Phil B pbpublist at gmail.com
Thu May 23 13:24:44 PDT 2019


I was attempting to look at your changesets on a computer that didn't have
email setup and I ran into a couple of items:

1) When I search 'cuis Smalltalk mailing list', I get cuis-smalltalk.org as
the top result (yay!). On that page, it points to the old mailing list
(boo! There should still be a link to the old list for anyone interested,
it just shouldn't be the primary link)

2) Attachment name extensions are getting mangled.  Though the name itself
has always been renamed, the extension was generally preserved (.st)... now
the extension is being renamed too (.ksh). Not sure if this can be easily
changed but thought I'd mention it.

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