[Cuis-dev] Morph color

Ala'a Mohammad amalawi at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 12:00:41 PDT 2019


My name is Ala'a, and I live in UAE.

I'm new to this mailing list and to Cuis Smalltalk. I'd been attracted
to its simplification core value. I've been wading my way through the
classes, their documentation, experimenting and re-learning Smalltalk

I understood (correct me if i'm wrong) that Morphic framework is
different from other Smalltalk dialects (i.e. Pharo and Squeak), and
in the transition to version 3 which is better. Thus I began reading
its related classes one of them was Morph and while experimenting I've
found strange thing about its initial color. Every instance is Blue in
color and I can not use color: selector to change it, the debugger
shows up since Morph instance did not understand the message.
upon Browsing the class there was no color: method and only a read
color which was a constant ^Color blue.

Is this intentional? and if so what is the motivation?

Thanks again for this great software.



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