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Hi John,

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> How do I search the archives for examples?

You will probably find searching the archives for that type of information
to be difficult.  We've had several iterations of the list[1] and what gets
discussed on the list is often more tactical/specialized than that.  I'd
suggest starting with the resources at
https://github.com/Cuis-Smalltalk/Learning-Cuis for more tutorial-oriented

> Also, I searched online for how to change to position of the window
> controls, and nothing came up.

Regarding the 'position of window controls', do you mean the four circular
icons in the upper left corner of windows?  If so, those are hard-coded in

> Thanks,
> john

[1] the archives for the current list are here:
https://lists.cuis.st/mailman/archives/cuis-dev/, the archives for the
previous list are here:
http://cuis-smalltalk.org/pipermail/cuis-dev_cuis-smalltalk.org/ and the
archives for the previous-previous list are here:
http://jvuletich.org/pipermail/cuis_jvuletich.org/... (I think that's all
of them)

Hope this helps,
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