[Cuis-dev] examplesTiger Unhandled attribute zheight

stes@PANDORA.BE stes at telenet.be
Sun Apr 11 12:08:36 PDT 2021

Both the squeakvm 4.19.6 with the current Cuis v3 image
and the squeakvm "cog" 5.0.2948 on OpenIndiana / Solaris
display the SVGElementMorph examplesLion fine,
but they have the following error with SVGElementMorph examplesTiger

cuis$ squeak5c cuisv5.image 
2021-04-11T19:52:53.712 process:40 14095 SVGWarning: Unhandled attribute: 'zheight' in: SVGMainMorph value: '800'
2021-04-11T19:52:54.102 process:40 14095 SVGElementMorph

The images for the test were Cuis5.0-4567-v3.image and Cuis5.0-4567.image with the SVG.pkg.st installed.

I reported before that an older version of the image was creating CuisDebug.* logfiles on Solaris and OpenIndiana.

That is fixed meanwhile, it doesn't happen any longer.  Thanks !

David Stes

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