[Cuis-dev] Cuis 68000 64bit V3 image ?

stes@PANDORA.BE stes at telenet.be
Thu Apr 22 22:36:01 PDT 2021

If the tools are provided so that I can convert myself an image,
that would actually solve the problem, because then I generate/make the image myself.

In fact having tools such as SystemTracer is the most important thing,
as these tools are useful in different kind of situations.

So basically if there would be a SystemTracer64 package for Cuis,
then I think there is actually no need for a 68000 or 68002, 68003, 68004 image,
because all those "exotic" formats can be generated as required.

David Stes

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> Hi David,
> On Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 06:56:39PM +0200, stes--- via Cuis-dev wrote:
>> Hi Ken,
>> I'm using Squeak and Cuis on Solaris 11.4 (Unix).
>> I'll ask on vm-dev, but I'm replying now on cuis only.
>> I wonder whether I can convert the 6505 image (32bit) into a 68003 image
>> (64bit).
>> In fact I'm saying 68003 now (not 68000) because 68002 or 68003 may make sense.
>> On Squeak there is a package
>> http://www.squeaksource.com/SystemTracing.html
>> that is able to convert from 6505 to 68002 it seems.
>> I am new to this so I'm guessing it theoretically can be done in Cuis,
>> although that the Cuis internals may (or certainly are) different from the
>> Squeak internals, so for example fileIn of SystemTracer64 is not working.
>> Cuis being a fork of Squeak may still be sufficiently close to Squeak,
>> so that it works.
>> Maybe the SystemTracer package has been ported to Cuis ?
>> According to http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/2315
>> SystemTracer64 is able to convert 32bit images to 64bit images.
>> Thanks,
>> David Stes
> SystemTracer64 is the right way to do it, but I have never tried it
> on a Cuis image. Based on my experience using it in Squeak, I would
> anticipate some issues trying to make it work in another image. But
> it would be an interesting experiment to try, so please report back
> if you find that it works on Cuis.
> Note that the 64bit V3 image format was done a long time ago as a
> proof of concept. It is not of much practical use nowadays, because
> the supported 64bit Spur image format is really much better.
> Nevertheless, the original 64bit image by Dan Ingalls and Ian Piumarta
> is a fascinating "simplest thing that could possibly work" implementation,
> and for more information, I would encourage anyone to read Dan's
> excellent class comment in class ObjectMemory, which you can load in
> your Cuis image from https://github.com/Cuis-Smalltalk/VMMaker.
> Dave
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