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Hi Bernhard,

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Thanks for the pointer to the Haiku icons. I managed to load your project
> in Squeak. They look good. What is your intended use case for ObjectIcon
> and CollectionIcon?

The idea is that an ObjectIcon is simply a visual wrapper for any object
(see #wrappedObject) and you can decide what to do when the ObjectIcon is
double clicked (or single clicked or dragged or dropped on etc). Default
behavior is to simply open an inspector on the wrappedObject. I have added
extension methods to the base Object class so you can send #asIcon to any
object in the system and get a default ObjectIcon for it (try someObject
asIcon openInHand). I use these as a kind of traditional "desktop
environment" when managing objects that I care about. The short of it is:
instead of icons representing files and folders, they represent objects and
collections of objects.

This is completely different and pretty much unrelated to having a
"vocabulary" of icons available in the system, be it Cuis or Squeak or
whatever. The goal of my previous message was simply to make everyone aware
of two things: 1) the Haiku icons, which are nice looking and available in
both SVG and PNG (and my code is an example of what they look like in a
live system), 2) The HVIF format invented by the Haiku people, which offers
a more compressed alternative to SVG for vector icon formats.
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