[Cuis-dev] Bee Smalltalk Dynamic Metacirculat Runtime [WAS Re: Cuis 68000 64bit V3 image ?]

ken.dickey at whidbey.com ken.dickey at whidbey.com
Mon Apr 26 08:35:24 PDT 2021

Hi Philip,

Things take time to develop.

I had a manager once that when someone came up with a design idea would 
take a hammer to it to see if it held up.

I think he killed a number of good ideas on their way to being born.

Exposing half-baked ideas takes a certain amount of courage and it helps 
to have an understanding, supportive community to give space for 
development -- not expecting high levels of refinement at early stages.

With Smalltalk, I think we are "brainstorming" with code.  We get to do 
experiments at relatively low cost.  Not all children grow up to be 
somebody, but the potential is there.

We do want to kill off the obvious mutant failures, but not too early!

WRT Bee, things are just coming to light and we have a scattering of  
people from Smalltalk/X, VisualWorks, OpenSmalltalk, and Cuis just 
expressing interest and finding each other.

I think we all have romantic ideas of a bootstrapable Smalltalk runtime 
which runs native and supports multi/cross-dialect development.

It will take a lot of work to be able to cash this check.  Much will be 
tried and thrown away.

That is OK.  It is just how life is.

Confusion, according to Sufi philosophy, is the beggining of 
enlightenment because it makes you question things you thought you knew. 
  We hope this is a stage we go through on our way to best outcomes.

Good on ya,

On 2021-04-25 22:07, Philip Bernhart wrote:
> Hi,
> "ken.dickey--- via Cuis-dev" <cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> writes:
>> Much fun to be had here!
> I thought that Be-Smalltalk was dead since years and not
> developed anymore and the source was locked up somewhere and
> discarded in some trashdump.
> Now to find out, that the code is on github and people are
> playing around with it makes me both happy and sad.
> Happy that it's there to play around with and sad, that the
> documentation part is abysmal and that information doesn't
> go around that easily. I would be now two Jean Picards, when
> it comes to facepalming.
> I ported the AweSOM: https://github.com/Phantasus/Cuis-Smalltalk-AweSOM
> to Cuis also to have the bits together of being able to construct
> maybe in the distant future a Smalltalk system from scratch.
> I'm confused now, cheers.
> Philip

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