[Cuis-dev] TrueType Fonts assignment

Douglas Brebner kirtai+st at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 16:01:17 PDT 2021

On 28/04/2021 16:39, Juan Vuletich via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Some clarifications:
> - There are no specifically "supported fonts". You can use any 
> TrueType font you like. We include a few with Cuis for convenience. 
> You can add others. Different TrueType fonts will vary in the range of 
> glyphs they include.
> - We always use Character 94 for return ( ^ in the keyboard). We just 
> display it as an up arrow when it is a return (but not when it is used 
> a a binary selector, or in a comment).
> - You can use := or left arrow ( _ in the keyboard) for assignment. 
> Your choice. We display _ as a left arrow when it is used for 
> assignment (but not when it is used as part of a variable name or 
> selector, or in a comment).

I have to say that I love seeing Cuis get this kind of fancy, context 
dependant typography. None of this ancient fixed width terminal stuff 
that other languages have to deal with. :)

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