[Cuis-dev] mouseMove:localPosition:

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Feb 1 07:36:45 PST 2021


When the message mouseMove:localPosition: is initially sent to a given 
morph, its second argument does not have the expected value.

Indeed, when I press the morph and move about one pixel horizontally, 
this argument can be as large as 71 at 7, then in the subsequent sent 
messages, this argument really looks like a delta move.

Morph>>mouseMove: evt localPosition: deltaVector

I think the problem come from aMorph internalizeFromWorld: position as 
it does not take in consideration the handmorph position when the move 
event is started.

sendEventTo: aMorph
     "Dispatch the receiver into anObject"

     type == #mouseMove ifTrue: [
         ^aMorph processMouseMove: self localPosition: (aMorph 
internalizeFromWorld: position) ].
     ^ super sendEventTo: aMorph



GNU Dr. Geo

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