[Cuis-dev] [Help requested] Morphs + fork handling

Nicolás Papagna Maldonado nicolas.papagna at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 05:19:29 PST 2021

Thanks, Hilaire!

Yea, I considered that option but doing that means that I will know about
the "internals" of how ChangeSet installNewUpdates work.

I'd like to have a solution that will work in any case (besides being
interested in the problem itself).

Nico PM

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> What about you ask the Author information in the UI thread, before forking?
> Or you can adjust the priority of your forked process, to be lower than
> the UI process priority. (something like that)
> Hilaire
> Dr. Geo -- http://drgeo.eu
> ----- Nicolás Papagna Maldonado via Cuis-dev <cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> a
> écrit :
> > Turns out that if I do that on a fresh image where the Author has not
> been
> > set yet, an error is raised "MessageNotUnderstood:
> > UndefinedObject>>morphPosition".
> > If I turn off the fork and run it in the main thread, what is displayed
> is
> > a prompt to fill in my initials and author name.
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Nicolás Papagna
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