[Cuis-dev] UK Smalltalk User Group Meeting - Wednesday 28th July 2021

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Fri Jul 16 03:14:53 PDT 2021

The next meeting of the UK Smalltalk User Group will be on Wednesday, July

Russell Allen will talk to us about Self ( https://selflanguage.org/ ).
Dating back to the late 1980s, Self is a prototype based programming
language and environment in the broader Smalltalk family. Although Self has
always been a niche research system, its influence can still be seen in
areas as diverse as the fast VMs of Java and Javascript, in the prototype
semantics of Javascript, and in the Morphic user interface used by Squeak,
Pharo and Cuis.

Russell Allen ( https://twitter.com/russell_allen_ ) has a background in
law and computers and first came across Self in the late 1990s. Around 2008
he helped get Self running on Linux x86, set up the Self website and GitHub
account, and for the last decade or so he has been helping keep Self as a
project alive.

In this talk, Russell will demonstrate Self as a running system, including
the object semantics, language, and the multi-user Morphic development
environment. He’ll talk about the current status of the project and the
challenges it faces for the future.

Given the current COVID-19 restrictions, this will be an online meeting
from home. Please note that the meeting will start later than usual, to
accommodate the speaker who will connect from Australia.

If you'd like to join us, please sign up in advance on the meeting's Meetup
page ( https://www.meetup.com/UKSTUG/events/cbklbrycckblc/ ) to receive the
meeting details. Don’t forget to bring your laptop and drinks!
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