[Cuis-dev] FYI. VectorGraphics freezes World. CuisBook procedure.

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 02:37:40 PDT 2021

Hi guys,

I was reading the Cuis Book in the last flight and trying some stuff.

I found this ugly situation where following chapter 7 procedure "going 
and doing :
Feature require: 'VectorGraphics'

Freezes the World. I tried in Mac and Linux. Recently downloaded from Git.
Same behavior.

I can't fix it myself, but I let you know there is a problem.

I humbly recommend you not to put 'experimental' procedures in the 
beginner book.
Or to mark them in red and say well to prepare a separate image before 
those lines ... or the beginner will get into troubles ;)

I see in another image i have 'VectorGraphics' already loaded,
probably it loaded as a dependency when I installed 'StyledText'.
So, i deduce the prolbem is on loading 'VectorGraphics' alone.


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