[Cuis-dev] Running Cuis in a BBB rev C. (similar to RPi). a video performance check

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 03:25:39 PDT 2021

Hi guys,

I just finished a little test showing how a Cuis can run in a BeagleBone 
Black Rev. C.
which is a device similar to a RPi but most fit to electronics projects.

. BBB is headless
. I connect to BBB via VNC
. There is no desktop environment, Cuis is the only graphical 
application running

I need to do at least another test on a bigger machine
to see what part of the sloppiness is due to VNC and what is due to a 
small CPU,
but my temporary conclusion is that this kind of hardware is too little 
to work well in Cuis.

here is the video:



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