[Cuis-dev] Running Cuis in a BBB rev C. (similar to RPi). a video performance check

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 07:08:21 PDT 2021

hi Bruce,

i just made a test with a bit fatter machine (2Ghz, 2cores) , it works 
all like a charm.

I see in the first page I found on internet your RPi 400 is a quadcore 
1.8 ghz, it should rock !
Your little computer is about 8 times more powerful than the ARM I was 
Aggregated CPU load should never exceed 5-10%, for running Cuis in your PI.

Try to change protocol. I always use VNC because every OS can be a client.

I am going to air a video shortly on how to run Cuis in a headless 
machine with VNC,
it is quite easy once one knows what to type ;) You might to try to give 
it a spin that way.

I am pretty sure i downloaded by hand 
Squeak-cog-spur-5.0-2019-01-17-23-23 for ARM6, linux 32.
I just copied what comes by default with stock Cuis following Juan notes 
on Github.
For the image, i just cloned the git.


On 7/20/21 3:34 PM, Bruce O'Neel wrote:
> Hi,
> Possibly related, this on a Raspberry PI 400 with X11 across the 
> network I noticed two things.
> 1.  Moving Cuis windows is slower because it does the pretty thing and 
> move the whole windows.  Squeak just moves an outline which is 
> unsuprisingly much faster.
> 2.  I am almost 100% sure there is a double re-draw at times.  It 
> might be that each window gets redrawn and I have almost the whole 
> screen covered by windows.
> This was all with the Squeak VM that ships with the PI, so, 
> 202101191919 and Cuis5.0-4619-32.
> cheers
> bruce
> On 2021-07-20T12:25:39.000+02:00, Nicola Mingotti via Cuis-dev 
> <cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> wrote:
>     Hi guys,
>     I just finished a little test showing how a Cuis can run in a
>     BeagleBone Black Rev. C.
>     which is a device similar to a RPi but most fit to electronics
>     projects.
>     . BBB is headless
>     . I connect to BBB via VNC
>     . There is no desktop environment, Cuis is the only graphical
>     application running
>     I need to do at least another test on a bigger machine
>     to see what part of the sloppiness is due to VNC and what is due
>     to a small CPU,
>     but my temporary conclusion is that this kind of hardware is too
>     little to work well in Cuis.
>     here is the video:
>     https://youtu.be/sDDrBXB4K6A <https://youtu.be/sDDrBXB4K6A>
>     bye
>     Nicola
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