[Cuis-dev] Refactoring the browser's "annotation" pane

Nahuel Garbezza n.garbezza at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 11:31:58 PDT 2021

Hi everyone!

I was experimenting a little bit with the browser's annotation pane and I
found that it is difficult to extend (adding new information to the
annotation text) without overriding stuff in CodeProvider, particularly
#annotationForSelector:ofClass:. That method is quite long currently and it
will grow more as new "annotation requests" are added.

Also, I think the annotation should not be a responsibility of a
CodeProvider, the way I see it is more "UI" so it would be better in
my opinion to be a separate object that can deal just with annotations. But
I'm not entirely sure how to name it (I thought something like
"AnnotationProvider" but I don't 100% like the "provider" word).

Any ideas?

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