[Cuis-dev] A few question about automatic installation of packages at boot (ie. OSProcesses)

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 08:24:38 PDT 2021

Hi Juan,

>> 3] Since I am automatizing the system via script I would prefer that when
>> I select World -> Quit the system stop asking me if I want to save 
>> the image,
>> by default I don't want. Is there a variable the say that ? Or do I 
>> need to make
>> a change, file it out and file it in in the '.st' file ?
> If you are doing it via code, just call 
> #snapshot:andQuit:clearAllClassState: yourself. If you want a new / 
> different menu option, just add it. See senders of #quitSession
> -- 
> Juan Vuletich

Ok for the code, I can for sure add a entry menu, It should not be 

But i have a suggestion. Since the CuisBook recommends, as good 
practice, not to save the image
I would say it would be nice for the system to have a global variable like
"#saveImageOnQuit" set to true by default.

Then, when i user is experienced enough to have all the Git things set 
up he can just
toggle the value of the variable via script at image boot and have the 
system behave as recommended
by the book. Reference to that variable should be in the book in 
paragraph 9.5.1.

I can try to implement this myself if you guys think is a nice feature 
to have.


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