[Cuis-dev] A few question about automatic installation of packages at boot (ie. OSProcesses)

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Sat Jul 31 16:55:41 PDT 2021

Hi Folks,

On 7/31/2021 11:47 AM, Nicola Mingotti wrote:
> Hi Gerald and Juan,
> to me also
> ---
> Feature  require: 'OSProcesses'.
> ---
> produce the silly message.

Pushed an update with hopefully better messages.

> ...
> Please, do not correct this "bug", let me try to do it so
> I make some practice with easy stuff ;)
> [at first sight it should be easy to change it]

Yes. That's what we need! Smalltalk is not meant just to be used, but 
especially to be understood. That's the attitude!

> bye
> Nicola


Juan Vuletich

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