[Cuis-dev] Cuis web presence

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 17:00:41 PDT 2021

hi guys,

I am going to touch two topics here which i will keep well separated.

---- 1 ----
As some of you already know I am developing a "Cuis Cookbook".
I started writing it here (with Juan permission)

At some point in the future i will need to move it somewhere else,
but not now. It is all a balance between the effort it takes me to write it
and displeasure I feel when i read it and i don't see it formatted as i 
would like ;)

The Cookbook collects all my efforts to discover how to do things in 
Cuis, things that
I already know how to do in several other programming languages.
I started more or less when I started programming in Cuis so, it should 
many of the questions a beginner (programmer) might have.

---- 2 ----

There is a resource containing a LOT of stuff which is the Squeak Swiki.
I estimate 80%-90% of that content, if not outdated, is relevant also 
for Cuis.

We may ask in the Squeak mailing list if it is ok for us to open a Cuis 
We may drop there links to other contents we develop about Cuis, let it 
be web pages
or videos or other. Much of that content can be of interest also for 
Squeak guys.

This could be a way to keep the Smalltalk communities close but will
create a bit of confusion. There is good and bad. It is just an idea.

---- 2.1 ----

The place where i am writing the "Cuis Cookbook" could be our
equivalent to the Squeak Swiki.


On 11/1/21 21:29, Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi Cuis community,
> It is likely time for Cuis to develop a bit its web presence to help 
> the curious learn a bit more about the what, the how and the why Cuis 
> when visiting http://cuis-smalltalk.org/
> A few static web pages covering selected topics would be a good start.
> Users who recently joined the community could tell us what they would 
> have expected to learn when searching information about Cuis. This 
> will be good indicators about the contents.
> Any one ?
> Hilaire

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