[Cuis-dev] New Package. Cuis-Smalltalk-PostgreSQL

Philip Bernhart philip.bernhart at posteo.de
Tue Nov 2 03:57:55 PDT 2021

Hi Nicola,

Nicola Mingotti <nmingotti at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Philip,
> your SQlite package has the same shortcoming of your Postgres one.

The shortcoming is an entry in a README. You didn't mention any
particular flaw besides a piece of text.

> If you state in the README it is experimental and you are going to 
> change the interface,
> application programmers will not use it (i wouldn't).
> If one day i will absolutely need a SQlite package
> I will do the same as last time, i will look for something that had a 
> solid/crystallized/static/accepted interface
> and port-it / fix-the-broken-parts. And that will bring us to another 
> duplicate package.

No, I don't understand your point. I'm explicit about the state
of the projects. You are not telling other people
that the projects is barely tested, the interface is evolving, etc.

Which your projects are. Stability comes after many iterations have
already happened. We are a small community, we can't do that.

I'm not interested in "application programmers", we are not writing
"applications", but environments.

Use my code or don't. I try not to care much about such insults,
about my work and my work attitude, when I'm not getting paid for any
of these things.

The README has experimental written all over it, is because I'm doing
that for "fun" and I don't have the monetary resources or the emotional
resources for dealing with "support". I do this in my free time for "fun".

> I hope you understand my point and don't take this as a critic to your work.

And I do take that as a critic of my work, because I actually care about
stuff that I created.


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