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Thanks! That helps a lot!

	— Mark

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> On Nov 20, 2021, at 1:13 AM, Bernhard Pieber via Cuis-dev <cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> One addition to Mariano’s great explanation: .st files are around since Smalltalk’s early days, while .pkg.st were added when Juan added the package functionality.
> Cheers,
> Bernhard
>> Am 20.11.2021 um 04:46 schrieb Mariano Montone via Cuis-dev <cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st>:
>> Hi Mark,
>>> El 19/11/21 a las 22:44, Mark via Cuis-dev escribió:
>>> That file listing begs the question: what’s the difference between
>>> “*.pck.st <http://pck.st>” and “*.st” files?
>>> And why are both created in some cases but not in others?
>> Files with extension .pck.st are Cuis package files. They have a
>> preamble with package information, like feature provided, version
>> information, a description for the package and the package requirements.
>> Package files can be installed (click on "install" button from the File
>> List tool.). When a package is installed, its dependencies are also
>> installed. And the loaded packaged appears in the Package List tool.
>> Package files (.pck.st) are created using the Packages list tool in Cuis.
>> Files with .st contained serialized Smalltalk code (classes and methods).
>> Smalltalk code files (.st) are created when you "file out" a Smalltalk
>> system category, class or method (right click on System Browser system
>> category, class or method, then select the "fileOut" menu item).
>> Unlike .pck.st files, .st files don't contain any dependencies,
>> description, or "package" information, only serialized Smalltalk code.
>> Cheers,
>> Mariano
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