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Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Mon Nov 22 06:27:00 PST 2021

Hi Mark,

On 11/16/2021 2:46 PM, Mark via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi Juan,
> Thanks for the detailed response — and more insight into the 
> “Smalltalk Philosophy.” That helps a lot.
> (As I mentioned in another post: Chapter 9 — Code Management 
> (https://cuis-smalltalk.github.io/TheCuisBook/Code-Management.html) 
> cleared up some things)
> ...
> If the “preferred” mode of development is to not save the image, but 
> rather use packages, then I’ve noticed that the “Change Sorter” 
> doesn’t always show all the changes reflected in “*.changes” files.
> I see changes files with names like:
>     Are these “original/downloaded” change files?
>     Cuis5.0-4963-v3.changes
>     Cuis5.0-4963.changes
>     Are these created after I entered my initials?
>     Cuis5.0-4963-mdj.changes
>     Cuis5.0-4963-mdj.user.nnn.changes
>     Cuis5.0-4963-mdj.user.changes
>     Are these created *before* my initials are known to the system?
>     Cuis5.0-4963.user.nnn.changes
>     Cuis5.0-4963.user.changes
> When I open the “Change Sorter”, it only shows:
> "4964-CuisCore-AuthorName-2021Nov16-09h29m”
> “Install-Theme-Themes”
> Which do not /obviously/ (to me! 😉) correspond to the filenames.
> Again, probably n00b issues that will make more sense over time. 🙂

The essential idea you need to be aware of when learning about all this 
is that Smalltalk uses files, but it is not file-based.

What this means is that all the tools in the Smalltalk image (with the 
only exception of FileList and FileContentsBrowser) are NOT showing 
files, but live objects. The way them relate to files is usually not 
really important.

The ChangeSorter shows changes you have made to the image code. If you 
right click on a ChangeSet, you'll se options to save them to disk. Then 
(and only at that moment), the file that gets created will reflect the 
ChangeSet. When you resume modifying code, the file will be immediately 
outdated. *.user.*.changes files are not used by the system at all, and 
are saved to recover your code in case of a crash.

(BTW, the rather specific answers, without going into full detail are 
partially on purpose, to encourage you to explore the system, but not 
totally unarmed.)


Juan Vuletich

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