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Mark dev at virtualmdj.com
Tue Nov 23 15:16:12 PST 2021


So, here is a really gross fix to make some of the “shifted” commands work.
(Did I mention “really gross”?!? :-) )
(And … I just noticed that my coding “style” is much more C-ish than Smalltalk-is. 😂)

But, it’s just part of my foray into learning how the system works and tweaking things without completely blowing up my “smalltalk world.” 😉
My changes are marked in red. (Assuming color makes it to the list … )

TextEditor>>enclose: aKeyboardEvent
	"Insert or remove bracket characters around the current selection."
	"This is a user command, and generates undo"

	| left right startIndex stopIndex oldSelection which aKey|
	aKey _ aKeyboardEvent keyCharacter.
	“Account for [shifted] characters that we know about (there may be others …)"
	aKeyboardEvent shiftPressed
	ifTrue: [
		which _ '9,[''' indexOf: aKey.
		0 < which
		ifTrue: [
			aKey _ ('(<{"') at: which
"	Transcript
		show: ('enclose: key = [{1}]; shift pressed = [{2}]' format: { aKey. (aKeyboardEvent shiftPressed) });
	startIndex _ self startIndex.
	stopIndex _ self stopIndex.
	oldSelection _ self selection.
	which _ '([<{"''`' indexOf: aKey ifAbsent: [ ^true ].
	"which _ '([<{""''`' indexOf: aKeyboardEvent keyCharacter ifAbsent: [ ^true ]."
	left _ '([<{"''`' at: which.
	right _ ')]>}"''`' at: which.

… rest of method follows …

Note: cmd-( and cmd-< still do not work because it seems like cmd-9 and cmd-, are captured before this code gets a chance to test them.

Obviously, this still does not address the more fundamental issue that “shifted” keys are not correctly placed in the aKeyboardEvent variable when a keystroke is first hit, which is where it should happen.

Where do user events ultimately come from? Is the CogVM? Or somewhere within Cuis Smalltalk itself?


	— Mark

> On Nov 23, 2021, at 7:07 AM, Mark de Jong via Cuis-dev <cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> wrote:
> Hi Juan,
> Ah. Thanks. That helps.
> I played with “Sensor test” — is there a “secret handshake” keystroke combination that will stop it? Or do I have completely quit Cuis and relaunch to get out of it? 🤔😉
> Thanks,
> 	— Mark
> P.S. Juan: your message, below, was truncated when it arrived in my email box. I ended up going to the web page (https://lists.cuis.st/mailman/archives/cuis-dev/2021-November/004427.html  <https://lists.cuis.st/mailman/archives/cuis-dev/2021-November/004427.html>) to read your note, since it did not show up properly in Mail. No clue why that happened. Other messages arrive just fine. This is just an FYI for you.
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