[Cuis-dev] [IMPROV] Sending SystemWindows to the back with shift click

Gerald Klix cuis.01 at klix.ch
Sat Nov 27 05:36:34 PST 2021

Hi all, Hi Juan,

I changed MouseButtonEvent>>#dispatchWith to send SystemWindows
to the back of the window order when they are clicked -- especially
their title bar - with the shift key pressed. Currently this
functionality is hard reach quickly.

Hope you like it and Best Regards,

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'From Haver 5.0 [latest update: #4973] on 27 November 2021 at 2:30:19 pm'!

!MouseButtonEvent methodsFor: 'dispatching' stamp: 'KLG 11/27/2021 14:28:06'!
dispatchWith: aMorph
	"Find the appropriate receiver for the event and let it handle it. Default rules:
	* The top-most chain of visible, unlocked morphs containing the event position will get a chance to handle the event.
	* When travelling down the hierarchy a prospective handler for the event is installed. This prospective handler can be used by submorphs wishing to handle the mouse down for negotiating who the receiver is.
	* When travelling up, the prospective handler is always executed. The handler needs to check if the event was handled before as well as checking if somebody else's handler has been installed.
	* If another handler has been installed but the event was not handled it means that somebody up in the hierarchy wants to handle the event.
	| aMorphHandlesIt grabAMorph handledByInner |
	"Only for MouseDown"
	self isMouseDown ifFalse: [
		^super dispatchWith: aMorph ].

	"Try to get out quickly"
	(aMorph fullIncludesPixel: position)
		ifFalse: [ ^ #rejected ].

	"Install the prospective handler for the receiver"
	aMorphHandlesIt _ false.
	grabAMorph _ false.
	self mouseButton3Pressed
		ifTrue: [
			(eventHandler isNil or: [ eventHandler isWorldMorph or: [
					self shiftPressed or: [ aMorph is: #HaloMorph ]]])
				ifTrue: [
					eventHandler _ aMorph.
					aMorphHandlesIt _ true ]]
		ifFalse: [
			(aMorph handlesMouseDown: self) ifTrue: [
				eventHandler _ aMorph.
				aMorphHandlesIt _ true ].
			"If button 1, and both aMorph and the owner allows grabbing with the hand (to initiate drag & drop), so be it."
			self mouseButton1Pressed ifTrue: [
				aMorph owner ifNotNil: [ :o |
					(o allowsSubmorphDrag and: [ aMorph isSticky not ]) ifTrue: [
						grabAMorph _ true ]]]].

	"Now give submorphs a chance to handle the event"
	handledByInner _ false.
	aMorph submorphsDo: [ :eachChild |
		handledByInner ifFalse: [
			(eachChild dispatchEvent: self) == #rejected ifFalse: [
				"Some child did contain the point so aMorph is part of the top-most chain."
				handledByInner _ true ]]].

	(handledByInner or: [ (aMorph rejectsEvent: self) not and: [ aMorph fullIncludesPixel: position ] ]) ifTrue: [
		"aMorph is in the top-most unlocked, visible morph in the chain."
			ifTrue: [ ^self sendEventTo: aMorph ]
			ifFalse: [
				(grabAMorph and: [ handledByInner not ]) ifTrue: [
					self hand
						waitForClicksOrDrag: aMorph event: self
						dragSel: (Preferences clickGrabsMorphs ifFalse: [#dragEvent:localPosition:])
						clkSel: (Preferences clickGrabsMorphs ifTrue: [#dragEvent:localPosition:]).
					"false ifTrue: [ self hand grabMorph: aMorph ]."
					Preferences clickGrabsMorphs ifFalse: [
						self shiftPressed
							ifTrue: [ aMorph is: #SystemWindow :: ifTrue: [ aMorph sendToBack ] ]
							ifFalse: [ aMorph activateWindow ] ].
					self wasHandled: true.
					^ self ]]].

	handledByInner ifTrue: [ ^ self ].
	"Mouse was not on aMorph nor any of its children"
	^ #rejected! !

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