[Cuis-dev] Package Downloader - First demo

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Sat Nov 27 15:36:16 PST 2021

Loads ok from FileList on my machine (after installing updates).


On 11/27/2021 11:18 AM, Mariano Montone via Cuis-dev wrote:
> I forgot one thing: you need to put PackageDownloader.pck.st in some
> location so that you can install doing Feature require:
> 'PackageDownloader'. It won't work if you Install with FileList tool
> from any disk location.
> - Mariano
> El 27/11/21 a las 11:07, Mariano Montone escribió:
>> Hello.
>> I'm attaching a first demo of a package downloader tool I'm developing.
>> It depends on PackageInstaller atm (btw, I attach an update on the
>> package installer that warns the user that package scanning can take
>> time before continuing, suggested by Ken).
>> This is how the PackageDownloader works atm:
>> - The list of remote packages is maintained in a CSV file. That list of
>> files contains package only name of the package and raw package url. It
>> is here at the moment:
>> https://gist.github.com/mmontone/f43e8c36fa8d3954163289b40670b1d9. This
>> is the only list of packages that need to be maintained.
>> - I have a script that processes that list and produces a JSON spec of
>> the packages, that the download tool can work with.
>> It is here for now:
>> https://bitbucket.org/mmontone/cuis-smalltalk-packageinstaller/downloads/packages.json
>> - The PackageDownloader tool downloads that json file and works with it.
>> - For downloading and installing a package, package dependencies are
>> downloaded too, but taking into account the locally installed packages.
>> - There's no effort for supporting packages versions. The
>> PackageDownloader looks at the names of the packages and downloads if
>> necessary, but Cuis inner machinery is used for dealing with package
>> loads and features.
>> It would be great if someone can take a look and give me some feedback.
>> Main issue right now is that the list of local packages may be
>> out-of-sync, because determining the list of local packages needs a
>> costly disk scan.
>> One last thing, may I suggest you try with one of my packages? They live
>> at bitbucket at the moment, and the package downloader makes it easy to
>> install.
>> Open PackageDownloader and download and install the 'Props-Preferences'
>> package.
>> Then you can do two things:
>> 1) Open Preferences ->  All preferences , and see a tool for editing
>> preferences.
>> 2) Open halos on any Morph, and you'll have a new green halo for editing
>> the Morph's properties with a tool.
>> Thank you!,
>> Mariano
>> El 25/11/21 a las 19:30, Mariano Montone escribió:
>>> I'm attaching an update.
>>> Review this version please instead. It is more compact. It consists of
>>> only two classes.
>>> Mariano
>>> El 25/11/21 a las 17:18, Mariano Montone escribió:
>>>> Hello Juan,
>>>> I'm submitting (see attached) an initial version of the Package
>>>> Installer for review.
>>>> The code needs to be better commented, methods classified, etc. But I
>>>> would like to know if there are any major objections first; my plan is
>>>> to clean things up once it is on a git repository.
>>>> Can you have a look and give me some feedback?
>>>> To run select: World Menu ->  Open ->  Package Installer.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Mariano

Juan Vuletich

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