[Cuis-dev] Split string

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 05:06:37 PST 2021


I have a small proposal.

Splitting of strings is a very common operation, but there's no
implemention in Cuis core. And so I often need to depend on
SqueakCompatibility that implements String>>subStrings: , just because
of that.

I'd like to move that to Cuis core. I would rename it to String>>split:,
but that's not a requirement.

I attach the source (I'm not the author, though!).

This is the info of the SqueakCompatibility method: 'eem 2/3/2015 12:04
° 18 lines of code ° *squeakCompatibility ° 1 implementor ° 20 senders °
in package SqueakCompatibility ° in change sets:
4974-CuisCore-AuthorName-2021Nov19-11h59m, Install-SqueakCompatibility'.


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'From Cuis 5.0 [latest update: #4973] on 30 November 2021 at 9:55:52 am'!

!String methodsFor: 'converting' stamp: 'MM 11/30/2021 09:54:34'!
split: separators 

	"Answer an array containing the substrings in the receiver separated 
	by the elements of separators."
	| char result sourceStream subString |
	(separators isString or:[separators allSatisfy: [:element | element isCharacter]]) ifFalse:
		[^ self error: 'separators must be Characters.'].
	sourceStream := ReadStream on: self.
	result := OrderedCollection new.
	subString := String new.
	[sourceStream atEnd]
			[char := sourceStream next.
			(separators includes: char)
				ifTrue: [subString notEmpty
							[result add: subString copy.
							subString := String new]]
				ifFalse: [subString := subString , (String with: char)]].
	subString notEmpty ifTrue: [result add: subString copy].
	^ result asArray! !

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