[Cuis-dev] Quick print & quick implementors

Hernan Wilkinson hernan.wilkinson at 10pines.com
Tue Nov 30 14:23:48 PST 2021

 I created two new features that I'm attaching to this email.
1) If you do shift+click in the debugger over the code, you will get the
same result as doing inspect on it but it will be shown as a hover help.
Here is a link that shows how it works:
2) If you do shift+click in the browser, if the mouse is over a message
send, it will show the implementors of that message, if it is over a class,
it will open the browser over the class. Here also a link:

Doing this I realized that there is really no need to differentiate sender
(cmd+n) from references to it (cmd+N), if the browser is smart enough to
realize the cursor is on a selector it can show senders, if the cursor is
over a class, it can show the references to it.
The same between implementors (cmd+m) and browse (cmd+b).
So I expanded the functionality of doing senders and implementors when
nothing is selected (something I did 2 year ago aprox) to check if the
cursor is over a selector or a class and act accordingly.

Also in this .cs is a fix to PseudoClass that did now answer superclass
(I'm sorry Juan to put everything in the same .cs :-) )

I hope you like it!

<https://10pines.com/>Hernán WilkinsonSoftware Developer & Coach

Alem 896, Floor 6, Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 6091 3125

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