[Cuis-dev] #color: message not honored for button in a SystemWindow

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Sun Oct 17 03:54:59 PDT 2021

Hi Gerald,

The funny things is I try to honor the Cuis Theme (ok and cancel) button 
but I am preventing by Cuis willing to honor the Cuis Theme...

While subclassing will work I don't want to add complexity. There should 
be another way.



Le 17/10/2021 à 11:06, Gerald Klix a écrit :
> Cuis goes through this complicated rigamarole,
> to provide nice colored browser windows,
> which are still themeable.
> The net effect is:
> #color: is honored and than rudely written
> over by the system window. I suggest sub-classing
> PluggableButtonMorph and overriding #adoptWidgetsColor:
> according to your needs and taste.

GNU Dr. Geo

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