[Cuis-dev] Chapter 7: First example not working

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Mon Oct 25 13:04:25 PDT 2021

On 10/23/2021 11:50 PM, John McGarey via Cuis-dev wrote:
> I'm going through The Cuis book and am on "Chapter 7 The Fundamentals 
> of Morph" and right out of the gate the first example doesn't work for 
> me.  In 7.1.1 on p109 when I try to `LineExampleMorph new openInWorld` 
> I get: " Error: My subclass should have overridden #imageForm:depth:" 
> and it never draws the line.
> Details:
> 1. Image Version: Cuis5.0-4928 image
> 2. VM Version: Using the Squeak VM from the install docs: 
> squeak.cog.spur_macos64x64_202003021730
> 3. Book Version: The Cuis Book I am using says "Compilation: 23 August 
> 2021" and I looked at the book source in github and it's not 
> particularly different now in this part.
> 4. I already ran the 'feature requre' for VectorGraphics (and 4 system 
> categories for VectorGraphics were created with lots of classes)
> 5. I ran a few of the examples in the system category 
> 'VectorGraphics-Examples" and all of them seemed to run fine
> 6. I tried to override #imageForm:depth: myself but that's over my 
> head and I couldn't get it to work (but if that method override is 
> required that should be in the book anyway).
> 7. It doesn't seem to be the 'new' method that is triggering the error 
> but the 'openInWorld' method.
> I'm at a loss.  Could someone point me in the right direction?
> Thank you,
> John

Just added (amongst several other small fixes) an implementation of 
#imageForm:depth: for Morph.

Thanks for reporting, and for reading the CuisBook!


Juan Vuletich

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