[Cuis-dev] Locale Plugin and Gettext package

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Fri Oct 29 10:16:19 PDT 2021

Next year will be fine for collaboration with you and Juan.

I try to schedule in advance. I have still a lot to do in other part of 

My objective for the next school year (end of August 2022), is to be 
capable to use a Cuis version of DrGeo with my students, for geometry 
and programming teaching. They are fantastic bug catchers.


Le 29/10/2021 à 13:27, Nicola Mingotti a écrit :
> hi hilaire,
> sorry for brute typing, i am in fair, writing from phone.
> it seems a useful infrastructure package, i could give you an hand.
> but, for the moment i have more urgent holes to cover. i have almost 
> done a port of an old Squeak Postgres package. and it it would be 
> great if i could extend Regex to manage non greedy patterns, on this 
> at the moment i am stuck.
> so, i can help you but not in short time, say, not before new year.
> bye
> nicola

GNU Dr. Geo

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