[Cuis-dev] [Cuis 6] Startup script

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Mon Jan 3 00:34:33 PST 2022


I just ported DrGeo-WIP to Cuis 6. It seems fine. I only have issues 
with the startup script to install the DrGeo development environment.

Some instructions are not working anymore when invoked from a startup 
script, these instructions are working from a running image though.

I identified two instructions causing problem. They are marked with 
"XXX" in attached startup script.



GNU Dr. Geo

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| list area morph extent |
"System configurations"
Utilities setAuthorName: 'Hilaire Fernandes' initials: 'hlsf'.
Preferences disable: #logDebuggerStackToFile.
Preferences disable: #autoNumberUserChanges.
"Delete all windows but the taskbar"
list _ UISupervisor ui submorphs reject: [:aMorph | aMorph is: #TaskbarMorph].
list do: [:each | each delete].
"Adjust font size"
Preferences smallFonts.
"Adjust taskbar size"
morph _ UISupervisor ui submorphs first. "XXX"
morph scale: 1/2.
Display fullScreenMode: true.
self runningWorld doOneCycle.
"Compute the available free space for windows placement"
area _ RealEstateAgent maximumUsableArea extendBy: 0 @ morph morphHeight negated. "XXX"
extent _ area extent // 2.
Transcript show: 'Hello'.

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