[Cuis-dev] The Cuis Book for Cuis 6

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at drgeo.eu
Thu Jan 20 12:51:22 PST 2022

Hi guys,

I put a final push to update "The Cuis Book" to match Cuis 6.

  * The chapter 7
    just needed an easy search&replace to match the new class names.
  * The chapter 6
    needed some more work to update the screenshots. In the process I
    also informed about the repo Cuis-Smalltalk-UI for the needed extra
    ellipse morph. A good opportunities to inform about this repo.

When needed, I crop the screenshots and removed the blue background. It 
should be better for the PDF or printed version.

Both html and PDF builds are now online.

Please take a look.


GNU Dr. Geo

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