[Cuis-dev] Tweaks to GUI elements size windows

Mariano Montone marianomontone at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 12:51:10 PST 2022

El 2/3/22 a las 17:33, Juan Vuletich escribió:
> You lost me there. I thought that what I posted was with #stayUp: and 2 
> buttons in the menu. Please post a changeset with the alternative, so I 
> understand.

I mean that I made all these experiments with the buttons in the menu, 
etc, but then I found that this achieves what I want too:


     (MenuMorph new defaultTarget: Preferences)
         addTitle: 'Make GUI elements';
         add: 'Huge' action: #hugeFonts;
         add: 'Very Large' action: #veryLargeFonts;
         add: 'Large' action: #largeFonts;
         add: 'Regular Size' action: #standardFonts;
         add: 'Small' action: #smallFonts;
         add: 'Very Small'action: #verySmallFonts;
         add: 'Tiny'action: #tinyFonts;
         stayUp: true;
         popUpInWorld: self runningWorld

I'm ok with any solution. Either your patch, or that code above.


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