[Cuis-dev] [Meeting] Wednesday 2 of March

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 05:59:20 PST 2022

Great, thank you for the link for the Framebuffer !
I will put into my notes and make an experiment when possible.


On Thu, Mar 3, 2022 at 8:27 AM Hilaire Fernandes via Cuis-dev <
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> It was nice and interesting to meet you guys.
> Before I started my presentation of the Cuis-Smalltalk-UI repo project, I
> forgot to enable video recording! So only Nicola and Nicolas presentations
> were recorded. But thanks to their detailed presentation there is plenty to
> watch. We will present Cuis-Smalltalk-UI again at a later meeting.
> Nicola, you may find that using Cuis directly on a Framebuffer consumes
> far less resources than using a X server. There is a VNC working directly
> with Framebuffer (https://github.com/ponty/framebuffer-vncserver). Your
> Cuis embedded in Beagle is really exciting.
> Nicolas, impressive work with the debugger. Cool features to have in Cuis.
> In a couple of hours, our community web page will be updated with an
> archive section to watch the past meetings.
> Hilaire
> Le 02/03/2022 à 20:46, Juan Vuletich a écrit :
> It was a very nice meeting. Thanks Hilaire!
> Folks, please update your calendars for the upcoming meetings, so you
> don't miss them!
> Cheers,
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