[Cuis-dev] Reload button in package list tool

Luciano Notarfrancesco luchiano at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 04:33:14 PST 2022

Yes, perhaps it could show an error if the package defines methods in base
clases or classes of other packages, otherwise it could lead to

Also, if the newer version on disk has fewer methods/classes than the
installed version, or if some classes have been renamed, does it work as
expected? I never tried it, I got used to starting from a fresh image.

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> El 10/3/22 a las 03:26, Luciano Notarfrancesco via Cuis-dev escribió:
> > Is it actually possible to load a different version of a package that is
> > already installed? Sounds quite nontrivial, same as uninstalling a
> > package. For example what happens if an installed package implements
> > Object>>#printOn: but the new version doesn’t?
> You are right. In that case the reload won't work. The method is not
> restored with the previous version in the image.
> Not to mention that a package could run arbitrary
> > code on loading, I have no idea how to reverse that.
> No way to reverse that. But I think not a big deal for most of the
> packages, either there's no initialization or the package is initialized
> again.
> The reload has exactly the same effect as selecting the package file in
> the Files tool, and using the Install button.
> This occurred to me because after a system update, Cuis was warning me
> that some of my packages versions on disk didn't match what was in the
> image. But didn't provide a way of reloading. I had to manually find the
> location of the packages on disk, and install them again. It actually
> worked for my packages, but you are right that it cannot be guaranteed
> it will work for all.
> Mariano
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