[Cuis-dev] UI Way of Work

ken.dickey at whidbey.com ken.dickey at whidbey.com
Fri Mar 11 07:02:54 PST 2022

On 2022-03-11 04:54, Craig Johnson via Cuis-dev wrote:

> Just wondering how you guys go about designing a user interface for a
> new tool or application.  It seems from what I've seen in the image
> that the UIs are simply hand-coded from scratch without any form of UI
> designer.
> Is this correct? 


You might find some clues in the tutorials at

In particular, if you know the tools, you should know about how Cuis 
does layouts

One tutorial creates simple UI and Package:

> If so, then what is the purpose of the new Morph
> option in the world menu?

Ah. Yes.  I just gave a talk about this.  See at:


A bit after 22 minutes in.

This email list is a good place to ask questions.

Good in ya,

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