[Cuis-dev] Resuming on BlockCannotReturn exception

Juan Vuletich juan at cuis.st
Fri Dec 1 10:17:08 PST 2023

Hi Jaromir,

On 12/1/2023 2:32 PM, Jaromir Matas wrote:
> Hi Juan,
> > You're missing almost a year of updates.
> Well, I actually encountered two weird issues with the latest master, 
> and so just reverted back to the older version to be able to run the 
> tests:
> 1) I can't download CorePackages via `Feature require: 'CorePackages'` 
> - it starts working but after a little while it says `Could not find 
> package file for [SUnitXMLreports].` and fails. See screenshot.:

It looks like your Cuis-Smalltalk-Tools is not present or not updated. 
You could do ./pullAllRepos.sh. Anyway, unless you really want to load 
'CorePackages', I'd just skip that step.

> 2) When I change the size of GUI elements to 12 (or just anything) and 
> save and close the image, it'll come back as the default 18 when I 
> open the image again. I thought I just missed something but the first 
> issue prevented me from running the tests.
> Is this something happening to me only? (I'm on Win 11 Pro, PC with 
> Intel i3-1315U)

No. This is a known issue I need to find a better solution for. Please 
edit Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev/UserPrefs.txt to your liking.

> Once I get this running I'll update the changeset (the test comment, 
> #suspendedContext comment, use the latest #runUntilErrorOrReturnFrom) .
> > In the comment of the test you provided, the argument to on:do: is a 
> symbol. This is not supported in Cuis.
> Yes, I've noticed the idiom is not supported by Cuis, is it 
> intentional or just not worth the effort? I wondered why the examples 
> and the test were not working in Cuis and then realized it was the 
> #resume idiom ;)
> Thanks for your help/advice regarding the CorePackages.
> Best,
> Jaromir


Juan Vuletich

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