[Cuis-dev] Capturing Debugger window

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Sun Dec 10 02:27:13 PST 2023


Kind of responding to myself. Of course I should capture the error use 
an on:do: message but the exception argument of the do: block does not 
offer the context of the error.


	self  stopSketch.
	codeView  scroller  acceptContents.
	self  switchToPauseButton.
	DrGeoSketch  when:  #newSmalltalkSketch  send:  #compiledSketch:  to:  self.
	sketchProcess  :=  [|  t  |
		t  :=  DateAndTime  now.
		[Compiler  evaluate:  model]on:  Error  do:  [:exception  |  
			exception  inspect.
			'Got an error ! '  print].
		" When we get there, sketch has been entirely executed, switch back to 
play button "
		self  switchToPlayButton.
		Transcript  show:  DateAndTime  now  -  t  ;cr]newProcess.
		priority:  Processor  userSchedulingPriority  ;
		name:  '[DrGeo] Smalltalk Sketch execution';

Le 10/12/2023 à 10:41, Hilaire Fernandes a écrit :
> How should I capture the debugger window to plug it in the DrGeo 
> Smalltalk sketch editor view?

GNU Dr. Geo
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