[Cuis-dev] [Ann] First sketch of Cuis 6.1 release - Please REVIEW and TEST!

Juan Vuletich juan at cuis.st
Thu Dec 21 06:03:00 PST 2023

Hi Gerald,

On 12/21/2023 9:04 AM, Gerald Klix via Cuis-dev wrote:
> Hi Juan,
> works nicely as long as one does not want to pass arguments
> to the image itself. Obviously the RunCuisOnLinux.sh script does
> not account for this case.

With this new folder structure and included VMs, the goal is to ease the 
experience for new and casual users, while giving experienced users the 
flexibility they need to set up the environment(s) that works best for them.

The Linux script (copied from Squeak) is already complex enough... 
Advanced users will be happy to cook their own, I hope.

> I suggest that something like this:
> ./RunCuisOnLinux.sh -- -r 
> ~/smallworks/cuis/Environments/HaverOnCuis/haver/Haverize.pck.st
> should do the job. Other solutions will lead to the incorporation
> of knowledge about the valid image option names into
> the script.
> I still have problems creating a Haver image with Cuis 6.1, but this 
> might
> be due to the fact, that I did not adopt Haver to your latest
> Cuis 6.0 changes.
> Where in your structure should other Cuis packages and third-party
> packages be stored?

They should go (as usual) in directories that are siblings of the main 
Cuis directory and repo, and subdirectories of a main Project directory, 
like we suggest in the GettingStarted.md file.

> I suggest a solution similar to the directory structure of an
> unpacked Haver release zip file.
> For reference purposes I attached a directory listing
> of an unpacked Haver distribution. Please note
> that this distribution is machine/OS and byte-size specific.
> Keep up the good work and Best Regards,
> Gerald

I'm not sure about the advantages over what we've been suggesting users 
to do, in GettingStarted.md. Could you elaborate?


Juan Vuletich

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