[Cuis-dev] [Ann] First sketch of Cuis 6.1 release - Please REVIEW and TEST!

Juan Vuletich juan at cuis.st
Sun Dec 24 04:28:09 PST 2023

On 12/22/2023 1:05 PM, Luciano Notarfrancesco via Cuis-dev wrote:
> BTW, I tested it on archlinux x64, in case you need that information.
> Also, I noticed not all packages from the Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev repo are 
> included, is that intentional?

The upcoming 6.1 release will be the first of a new series of releases. 
We'll be doing a "stable release" that will later only include critical 
fixes, every six months. This will be done in addition to our usual 
rolling release, and it will follow the RedHat Linux release process.

The stable releases are intended for:
- People who don't want to deal with constant updates and breakage, and 
prefer to port their code to a new system from time to time.
- Building End User Applications.
- Casual users, who just want to take a look at Cuis.
- People new to Smalltalk.
- Students who will be using Smalltalk for a semester.

For many of these use cases, I want to include only consistently high 
quality code. So every package included needs to be currently in use, 
tested, well maintained, etc. We'll need to work out a way to deal with 
additional packages, from Cuis-Smalltalk-Dev repo, other repos from 
Cuis-Smalltalk organization, and other repos outside of it. This is just 
an initial version. It will grow.


Juan Vuletich

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