[Cuis-dev] Capturing Debugger window

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Sun Dec 31 03:12:40 PST 2023

Hi Hernán,

This is what I does but when I fire up the debugger, the interrupted 
process (sketchProcess) context is nil ?!

Read https://github.com/hilaire/drgeo/issues/1#issuecomment-1872922296

Then, Cuis raises another Debugger, this time sketchProcess has a 
context which is the one of the debugger.

I likely miss something.



Le 30/12/2023 à 13:10, Hernán Wilkinson a écrit :
> Hi Hilaire,
>  What you have to do is to catch the exception of that process and 
> then open the debuger when the exception happens.
> For example:
> [[ 1/0] on: Exception do: [:e | Debugger open: …]] fork
> Look for references to debugger and you will see that. Also, 
> exceptions have default handlers that you can define, etc

GNU Dr. Geo
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