[Cuis-dev] 5.0-202311211431-64bit

ken.dickey at whidbey.com ken.dickey at whidbey.com
Mon Nov 27 08:20:52 PST 2023

A bit more info on RasPi4/Raspian/Cuis unwind test failures.

Unable to get a fail using the stack interpreter (squeak.stack.spur)

20% fail (80% green) testing Process* unit tests with JIT 

Each time the fail is in a different test:


  'ProcessTerminateBug>>#testTerminationDuringNestedUnwind7' .

  'ProcessTerminateBug>>#testTerminationDuringNestedUnwind4' .



  'ProcessTest>>#testValueEnsured' .

  'ProcessTerminateBug>>#testTerminationDuringNestedUnwind3' .

All tests done on same Cuis image (latest Cuis with `Feature require: 

Repeated tests vs restart of same image +test do not seem to differ.  
E.g. 1st unit test run is sometimes green, sometimes yellow.


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