[Cuis-dev] Quantitative finance in Cuis-Smalltalk

Hilaire Fernandes hfern at free.fr
Sun Oct 1 10:17:47 PDT 2023

Hi Ignacio,

And don't forget you can (and will) refactor your code to more 
appropriately spread the states and behaviors in different classes at 
some point.

I don't have book or resources to recommend about financial math. I 
redid the used financial math, including some Excel financial functions. 
I used Wikipedia and knowledge from my partner.

Le 01/10/2023 à 15:28, Ignacio Sniechowski a écrit :
> We are at the coding the tools necessary for a future valuation of the 
> stream of cash flows those securities will produce...
> So, following your advice, maybe a good initial scheme could be:
> FinancialAsset (abstract class)
> Bond
> Stock
> In the former, maybe it is a good place to place the Present Value 
> calculation...
> Are there any books or resources you recommend?

GNU Dr. Geo
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