[Cuis-dev] Improving performance of tree-like morph

Michał Olszewski miolszewski at outlook.com
Fri Oct 13 06:40:33 PDT 2023


I'm currently working on an AST visualizer. I'm using OMeta2 to create a 
tree morph, representing a parse tree of the given source code.

However I found if the tree is of depth like 5 or more (e.g. 
left-associative binary operation) the time it takes to create 
(openInWorld) or resize the tree is just... atrocious. I used 
AndreasSystemProfiler and from quick look at it, it seems like there is 
an explosion in number of operations attempting to layout morphs e.g. 
everytime a child node morph is added then ALL submorphs' layouts are 

The morph representing a node is a subclass of LayoutMorph, which in 
turn contains two layout morphs: One for representing a label (e.g. node 
name) and the second one containing child nodes in left-to-right order.

Does anybody know how to make it relatively performant on depthly nested 
trees? Or am I out of luck in terms of simple solution?

Not attaching any source code since OMeta2 is needed for it. I managed 
to make OMeta work on Cuis 6.0 (pbella's package) but sadly can't 
remember how, otherwise I would provide a fix/package. I will try to 
generate code that creates this god damn tree so you don't have to 
install OMeta2.


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